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CENTER:What are the Information and Knowledge Sciences?&br;What can the Information and Knowledge Sciences realize?&br;The Information and Knowledge Sciences open an future world&br;&br;

CENTER:'' '''Japan Society of Information and Knowledge''' ''&br;"Joho Chishiki Gakkai"&br;&br;

CENTER:To create new sciences and businesses&br;An open society providing a platform for intellectual exchanges&br;for people in academia, industries and business&br;&br;

**Japan Society of Information and Knowledge's intent [#honkai-e]

Influence of information technologies on our society becomes even more remarkable. As the mainstream of computer architecture has developed from mainframe to workstation and then to PC, software has exceedingly changed. Now we are to enter the age of mobile computing or wearable computing. In addition, the most significant innovation has realized by the development of computer network particularly symbolize by the internet.

General attention so far has solely been attracted to hardware, software and information processing techniques for their utilization, and enormous efforts have been focused on the construction of network systems and the enhancement of information infrastructure. However, the trends noted above are opening the new age of transformation, where the importance of information and knowledge should again be recognized, and the interests on various types of activities for information and knowledge are increasing.

It should be noted that the sciences of information have to deal with vast areas as their scope. This requires scientists from a variety of fields to gather together and discuss their problems. This approach is said to be greatly significant. This should also include an extensive co-operation of information related societies and associations in the international scene.

The Japan Society of Information and Knowledge (JSIK) was established in April 1988 upon the requests from three research liaison committees of the Science Council of Japan related to the sciences of information and many other specialists in various fields. JSIK, through its continuous research activities for over 10 years, has been taking the lead in tackling a range of the problems on information and knowledge. Basic posture of JSIK's activities is to find new directions in those problems such as development of information technology, establishment of the sciences of information and knowledge, methodology for effective utilization of information, and establishment of social norms.

If you are interested in our intention, you are invited to join JSIK and to participate in our activities, irrespective of you may be in academia in natural science, social sciences and humanities or in information related services and businesses. With your co-operation, we hope to contribute to the healthy development of the "informatized" society for the future.

**JSIK's aims, events, activities, etc. [#g7aa9f57]

***JSIK's aims [#zaafaf2c]

JSIK intends to promote the sciences of information and knowledge by supporting publicizing research reports by the members and exchange of views and opinions among them on the problems of data, information, knowledge and documents. The subjects included are as follows:

+ Basic theory (essence and structure of knowledge and information;accumulation,retrieval, classification, models and organization of information; etc)
+ Processing (collection and classification of materials; modification, transformation, analysis, evaluation and management of data; etc)
+ Expression (language, symbols, terminology, medium, etc)
+ Circulation (standardization, reference, intellectual property, etc)    )
+ Application (document information management, database, knowledge-base, electronic library, etc)

***Major activities [#ybf7d738]

Publication of "''JSIK Journal''" (quarterly)~
Publication of proceedings of meetings~
Publication of mail magazine (monthly)~
//Publication of "''JSIK Newsletter''" (semi-annually)~
Annual conference~
Symposia and seminars~
Sectional activities (Sections for CODATA, Humanities and Social Sciences, Terminology, Security, etc)~
//Workshops (Intellectual Property, Monthly Roundtable)~
Study tours (educational facilities, advanced information systems)~
Communication among members

'''[[Latest Information>FrontPage]]'''

***Examples of recent activities [#b3ea5f6d]

-JSIK Journal~
--[[J-STAGE>http://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/jsik]] (online published; vol. 16-)
--[[CiNii>http://ci.nii.ac.jp/vol_issue/nels/AN10459774_en.html]] (online published; vol. 2-)

//1. Symposia and seminars~
//"SGML/XML Study Form" (held annually with favorable receptions)~
//"Workshop on Computer Application in Historical Studies"~
//"Symposium of Sciences of Information" (Co-organizer with the Science Council of Japan)~
//Co-organizer for meetings in information visualization, XML-related conventions, etc
//2. Monthly Roundtable~
//Beneficial occasions to have discussions on information related topics with the distinguished //persons in various fields who are invited as lecturers. Attendance of non-members welcome.

**Procedures for membership of JSIK [#nyukai-e]

***Annual Fee [#o63922a6]

|Type of membership|Annual fee|
|Regular member|JPY 8,000|
|Student member|JPY 4,000|
|Supporting member|JPY 30,000(a share)|

Note: Student membership is offered only for the students of undergraduate and graduate courses at universities, colleges and colleges of technology. (Research fellows should be regular members.)

***Membership Benefits [#n7c5c479]

The following are among the benefits of joining the society:
- Free copy of "JSIK Journal" and "JSIK Newsletter"
- Qualification to submit papers and articles to JSIK publications
- Presentation at research and development meetings
- Participation in sections and SIGs (special interest groups)
- JSIK publications obtainable at member's price
- Reduced fees for JSIK events
- Help for your studies and papers

***Application Procedure [#fe3f2500]

Please fill out the application form and send it to the JSIK office via post or fax. You will be invoiced when the application is accepted. Any inquiries are welcome at the JSIK office.

***Application Procedure [#p13aac09]

Post office savings transfer: 00150-8-706543 "Joho Chishiki Gakkai"~
Bank account: UFJ Bank (formerly SANWA Bank), Akihabara-Higashi Branch~
Regular account: 3606590 "Joho Chishiki Gakkai"

***Membership Application Form (personal) [#df2f23ff]

|CENTER:Final education|
|RIGHT:Name of school&br;Department and course&br;Graduation year|
|CENTER:Current specialty|
|CENTER:Home address|
|CENTER:Contact (Please tick one)   □ Home    □ Office|

I apply for JSIK membership. Fees shall be paid to the designated bank/postal account.


** JSIK Office [#contactus-e]

|CENTER:''JSIK:The Japan Society of Infomation and Knowledge&br;(Joho Chishiki Gakkai)&br;Office Address:&br;''&br;Toppan Printing Co., 1-5-1-Taito-ku,Tokyo 110-8560,Japan&br;phone:+81-3-3835-5692__fax:+81-3-3837-0368&br;e-mail:office&ref(jinbun/atmark.gif);jsik.jp&br;URL:http://www.jsik.jp/|
|CENTER:''JSIK:The Japan Society of Infomation and Knowledge&br;(Joho Chishiki Gakkai)&br;Office Address:&br;''&br;Adthree, Higashinakano 4-27-37, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-0003, Japan&br;fax:+81-50-3730-8956&br;e-mail:office&ref(jinbun/atmark.gif);jsik.jp&br;URL:http://www.jsik.jp/|

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